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Hopkins Duffield - Schwister


Schwister is a team-based multiplayer competitive light-up tabletop arcade game that combines the spirit of Twister with the frenzy of Whack-A-Mole! Tiles randomly shuffle with each play, and two teams, red and blue, compete to turn off all their tiles before the other team. It works great in jovial environments where participants are passing by, drinking, open to being a little silly hitting cool light-up pressure sensitive LED tiles on a 4' x 4' tabletop!


Schwister has simple easy-to-figure-out gameplay that works great as a fun to play or watch icebreaker in social event settings. Strangers play together naturally, and the accessible low-pressure style of gameplay provides short but addictive windows for multiple people simultaneously. The amount of players is flexible on-the-fly moment to moment as event traffic shifts, with 2-10 players at once. Event attendees organically move in and out of play and spectacle, and competitors change without people needing to discuss or organize themselves too much.

Rent Schwister

Contact us to rent this project for YOUR event! Schwister is both modular and transportable! The table is 4' X 4' and with players present the overall footprint is 7' X 7' making it compact but engaging for a crowd! The game can additionally be branded easily to any two colour scheme.


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