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2-Bit Game Club: Banjo Kazooie

2-Bit Game Club
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6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

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2-Bit Game Club is a podcast and video series where once a month we pick a game, play through it with the audience, and then host a discussion about our experiences on the 2-Bit Game club Podcast. It’s like a book club for video games. We’ll focus on retro titles from the 2-bit to 64-bit eras to try to learn about game design, art and music, and the history of video games. Episodes of the podcast air the first of every month.

This month we play and discuss Banjo Kazooie! Click here for more info on how to get a copy of the game and how to get involved.

With an aesthetic that straddles the line between a fairy tale and unicorn vomit, Banjo-Kazooie is a memorable and polarizing game of the early 3D console era. Combing adventure and platforming in a fully 3D world, Banjo (bear) and Kazooie (bird) embark on a quest to save Tooty (Banjo’s sister) from the evil witch Gruntilda. What follows is a collect-athon through a series of worlds with the regular cast of adventure scenarios: the jasmine scented far east, sand swept pyramids, pirate coves, and industrial complexes. From the mind of Gregg Mayles (Super Donkey Kong Country) and with the fantastic score by Grant Kirkhope (GoldenEye: 007), Banjo Kazooie is a light hearted romp that will not leave your mind intact, for better or for worse.

Played the game long ago and want to discuss? Didn't get a chance to play Banjo Kazooie but want to socialize anyways? Curious how 2-Bit Game Club is set up? You're welcome to come and check out the talk and event!

2-Bit Game Club


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