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Hypergame Storytime 13

Hypergame: Death Duel to the Death

RPG / Improv / Musical / Comedy / Performance / Thing
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Price: $10 / Pay What You Can
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For the uninitiated, Hypergame is a live choose-your-own adventure experience that crudely smashes together elements of tabletop RPGs and improv comedy, accompanied by elaborate projected visuals and a musical score assembled on the fly.

Hypergame returns with Death Duel to the Death! The story of two gladiators fighting for survival on the surface of an alien planet, shaped by audience participation and buttressed by improvised songz. What a fun use of the word buttressed!

There will be plenty of opportunities for audience participation, but it's not mandatory! Also, there will be fan art competition hosted during the event with a special prize for the winner. Some drawing supplies will be available, but feel free to bring your own!

Dungeon Master of Ceremonies


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