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Machine Learning with P5.js

Machine Learning with Javascript

Introductory Machine Learning Coding Workshop
7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Electric Perfume on Google Maps. Link opens in a seperate tab or window. 805 Danforth Ave, Toronto
Price $60 (includes material fee) + HST
Register ** Registration Closes 11:59PM July 17 **

What You Will Learn

Hey! Have you ever wanted to get into machine learning, but thought it would be just too complicated? Like it's a totally inaccessible field reserved only for PhD researchers and computer geniuses? Well as it turns out, there are now some exciting tools available for providing the benefits of machine learning in a simple and accessible way!

In this workshop we'll be using Javascript, which will allow us to do everything inside of a web browser. We'll use p5.js for the visual elements, and ml5.js for the machine learning component. We'll specifically be using a technique called **transfer learning**, which will dramatically simplify the process of training our machine learning models.

Workshop Schedule

The first hour will be devoted to quickly introducing the web environment (HTML, CSS, JS), and getting into p5.js visuals. We’ll start with the basic commands, how to make shapes and stuff appear on the screen, and then eventually work up to more interesting graphics, like particle systems.

In the second hour, we’ll get into machine learning (beginning with an introduction of what it is, and how we can use transfer learning to simplify the process). Then we’ll use ml5.js to create a simple image classifier (something that can identify an image from the webcam), and we’ll build upon that to make a basic computer vision interface.

For the final hour, we’ll put both parts together to make a fun and interactive game that can be controlled through webcam. Attendees will be encouraged to get creative, and we’ll be welcoming audience suggestions.

Workshop Prerequisites

This workshop is meant to be accessible to beginners. Experience with programming and the web environment would be assets, but not absolutely required.

Note that this workshop is not intended to make you an expert in machine learning, but it should provide a good entry point to the subject.

What Do I Need For This Workshop?

Please bring the hardware listed below and have the software installed before the workshop! Unfortunately, we cannot supply computers at this time.

Additional Notes

Workshop Attendance: In the case of the workshop not meeting a minimum amount of attendees, fees will be fully refunded. Limited spaces available, so book soon!

Cancellation Policy: To ensure participant attendance, if you have registered for the workshop you must cancel your booking at least seven days before the workshop for a refund.

Payment: Registration for workshop is through Eventbrite. If you do not wish to use Eventbrite you can pay in person at the Electric Perfume storefront. Contact us in advance to arrange a time to come in. We accept credit and cash only. Payment in person must be received by the day prior to the date of the workshop.

Interested in this workshop but the timing didn't work for you? Let us know! Gauging interest in our workshops allows us to know whether we should run them again in the future!

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us!

About Pat Leonard

Pat Leonard is a creative coder and livestreamer, focused on fun and artistic things like visualizations and games, as well as developing coding challenges and implementing algorithms and data structures. Also a big fan of Javascript!


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