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All Hands on Decks - A Soundhackers Meetup

All Hands on Decks - Soundhackers Meetup

Sound and Technology Enthusiast Meetup
August , 2017 7:00PM
Electric Perfume on Google Maps. Link opens in a seperate tab or window. 805 Danforth Ave, Toronto
Price: $10 (Pay What You Can)


Soundhackers begins a new season at Electric Perfume! No worries, come out and play with some cool tools and gadgets from historical retro experiments to cutting edge present technologies. These include the Leap Motion, Kinect, Somo, a hacked together Commodore 64 Glove, and more.

Retro Gaming Glove

In this meetup, we will explore the use of our hand gestures in creating sound art and electronic music projects. Hand gestures have been of great interest to electronic sound since Leon Theremin's invention of the etherphone, which was patented in 1928.

During our meetup, attendees will encounter various stations which let you play with different technologies that audibly enable the use of our hand movements. Participants are encouraged to bring in and share any projects they have worked on in the past (or are continuing to work on!) which speak to this theme.

Cost: $10 or any amount by donation to help cover the costs of organizing this special meetup.

Event is sponsored by Electric Perfume and Spaghetti Lab.

LEAP Motion

About Soundhackers

Soundhackers is a monthly meetup dedicated to exploring techniques in sound art and music technology.


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