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Super Comfy Movie Time

Super Comfy Movie Time

Bring Your Own Pillow Screening
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It's October so we have some Sci-Fi Horrors for you to feast on. You're invited to a special screening of Lawnmower Man for Super Spooky Movie Time! See the movie Stephen King sued the producers of because it bore no resemblance to his original story! Dr. Lawrence Angelo works for Virtual Space Industries where he does experiments with VR, psychoactive drugs, and chimpanzees. A chimp escaped and the doc decides to do the tests on his not too bright groundskeeper, Jobe Smith. Through the experiments, the power of pills and VR, Jobe becomes brighter, more aggressive, horny, and seeks vengeance on those who wronged him throughout his life!

Also, the chimp escaped in this movie left Dr. Lawrence Angelo to pursue a career as an actor, and went on to star in Outbreak, 28 Days Layer, and had a cameo the new Planet of the Apes series.

As always, we have astroturf and a big ass projector screen! And another projector screen! Bring your own pillow is in effect (BYOP), high fives for pajamas.

DON'T FORGET Super Comfy Movie Time is also a Double Screening. Feel free to add your own suggestions, thematically related to Lawnmower Man! See poll in discussions!

Movie Two:

You decide! See Discussion section for the Poll on Facebook! Want something added to the roster? DM us!


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